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Session Sign-On Messages

A Unique, Active-Use Marketing Vechicle. Active-use marketing vehicles are a rare and valuable find on the Internet. MarketBrowser is such a vehicle which delivers your message right to the desktop of active investors -- at just the right moment.

Here's how it works. Twice per week when a user activates their MarketBrowser session, they will see MarketBrowser's unique Session Sign-on Message. Your marketing message and call to action is presented within a classic Microsoft dialog box which is seen and read by our user at exactly the time when they are thinking about financial markets -- when they are using MarketBrowser.

100% Message Read Rate. While scarce in supply, these messages have a 100% read rate because users are compelled to either click to accept your call to action, or "Cancel" to dismiss the message. Those who accept your call to action are immediately delivered to the web page which you specify with your order.

Cost per Click Pricing. Keeping with MarketBrowser's emphasis on client-risk-reduced pricing models, Session Sign-On Messages are priced on a CPC basis. Contact us for a custom quote on your message stream.

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