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Dedicated Email - Vast and Preemptive Reach

An Extraordinary E-Demographic. MarketBrowser offers an extraordinary demographic comprising: early adopters, active traders, high net worth individuals, investors who are comfortable with PC technology. Importantly, MarketBrowser users care enough about financial markets to keep these markets live on their PC desktops, 24/7. That's a very special group of people.

Email works - Preemptively. Email remains one of the most effective -- and cost effective -- reach vehicles on the web. While search can reach those who are actively researching with a web search engine, for many marketers, search has become an expensive, defensive vehicle. You pay up to appear in search results just so you're not excluded from the paid search lineup. And you wonder how many of your competitors also got a click from that same searcher whose click you just paid for too.

Getting there First. By contrast, Email is a preemptive marketing vehicle which can immediately reach and deliver your full message to vastly more people. Email works today, before your prospects fire up a search engine. Search engines put you in a "beauty contest" of your competitors who are also paying "search defense money". Some even pay for their own names -- and maybe your name too.

Wouldn't you rather deliver your full and actionable message via Email first, and long before your prospect fires up a search engine?

People Save their Emails - and they Search them too. Many people save emails which they find to be of interest. This behavior is increasing dramatically with the advent of unlimited email storage, and rapid email search. If not acted upon immediately, your email message is more likely to be retained today than ever before, making it a live marketing asset and reminder to your prospect for a long time to come. If paid search is delivering you ever-larger bills for ever-fewer clicks, email may now deliver you far greater value.

The Best of Both Worlds. MarketBrowser combines the preemptive power and message retention attributes of this wide reach vehicle, with the richness of the vibrant MarketBrowser licensee base: over 1.5 million people who care enough about financial markets to track them with the unique MarketBrowser software download.

If you do not have email creatives at present, the MarketBrowser Marketing Services Division can help. We have creative resources on staff as well as an external network of skilled professionals to get you started.

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