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An Active-Use Platform. TradeSelect™ is unique, active-use marketing program geared towards E-Brokers offering online trading in Equities, Equity Options or Foreign Exchange. TradeSelect works by permitting a MarketBrowser user to opt into a trial or actual trading account with your firm, which results in a live "Trade@" button being place within the user's MarketBrowser software package. This button can deliver the user to your own demo or live trading site or application, and even drive a download or your trading app, then switch to activating your software after it has been installed.

Always on Top. Because MarketBrowser is an "always on" application, which lives on the user's desktop, this means that your "Trade@" button is kept in view of your prospect. We can personalize MarketBrowser so that when a user clicks on the Trade at Your Company Button, they are automatically brought to your platform. If they are not current clients of yours, they will be brought to an area to sign up for an account with your firm.

Vertical Market Reach Vehicles. Be sure to find out about these powerful vertical market vehicles which are part of the TradeSelect program:

- MarketBrowser/FX An FX trading oriented version of MarketBrowser which drives new account trials with your firm, and puts your "Trade FX @" button and a multi-level menu of powerful linksinto your site on the desktop of each MarketBrowser/FX user 24/7 - wow! What does this achieve for you? More trials. More mindshare. More new accounts. More trading. And more profits. It's that simple. We can even cause the MarketBrowser/FX Trade FX @ button to drive end user downloads of your trading platform if it is not yet installed on the user's desktop. Wow again.

NEW - MarketBrowser/MetX A live Metals Price monitoring version of MarketBrowser which can weave your marketing offer right into the user's download decision. Carries your branding, your full menu of purchasable products, and your own "Trade Metals @" button or "Buy Gold @" button permanently on each MarketBrowser/MetX user's desktop. Top of mind, top of market -- stay on top with MarketBrowser/MetX. MarketBrowser/MetX is an active use marketing vehicle which builds mindshare, builds brand, drives traffic to your site, drives purchases of precious metals from your firm, and drives increased trading.

NEW - MarketBrowser/ETF An ETF trading focused version of MarketBrowser which puts your branding and a complete menu of all or your ETFs right on the user's desktop, meaning that when they think ETFs, they think of you. Drives new account enquiries, builds awareness, and keeps your dynamic ETF prices on users desktops 24/7. MarketBrowser/ETF is an active use marketing vehicle which builds mindshare, builds brand, drives traffic to your site, and rapidly builds investor confidence and comfort with your entire portfolio of ETF offerings.

Live on the desktop with branded MarketBrowser and custom menus.

Always on top on the users' desktops:

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