What Is MarketBrowser?

MarketBrowser is an easy, convenient and powerful tool which allows you to chart, monitor and analyze your investments.

Use MarketBrowser to:

  • Monitor your most important investments at a glance
  • Click-up to see what's going on with your entire portfolio
  • Click again for current charts and historical context
  • Access up-to-date news and research from leading portals with a single mouse click
  • Compare, contrast and consider your investments in a natural, easy to use, visual format
  • Add indicators, analytics, overlays and a range of popular analytics to customize your view of your investments

Why MarketBrowser?

Web browsers have changed the world, but they are very general-purpose by design.

Marketbrowser is about about Charts, Math, and information drill-down, again by design.

People who browse financial markets have distinct and demanding needs; keeping track of frequently changing stock and fund prices, making graphic comparisons among investments and markets, and focusing this data to your own investment decisions. MarketBrowser is fundamentally designed to meet these needs and more.

What are the the MarketBrowser Editions (Free, Pro, AE)?

MarketBrowser Free is quite powerful, but limited to six active charts per Worksheet. Perfect for the casual investor.

MarketBrowser Pro is a paid upgrade to MarketBrowser, offering the serious investor 36 active charts and monitors, more advanced features, and SmartFavorites™ to instantly drill down into 50 of your favorite financial web sites.

MarketBrowser AE (Advanced Edition) extends MB Pro with up to one hundred active charts and monitors, and many of the advanced technologies used by our institutional trading clientele.

Find out More.

How do I install MarketBrowser?

Go and GET IT, and MarketBrowser will automatically install itself.

What do I do if I'm having trouble installing?

Cases of MarketBrowser not being able to install are rare. If you do encounter any problems installing, contact our technical support team at mbfeed@marketbrowser.com. Please include the entire text of any error messages that appear.

How do I get started with MarketBrowser?

MarketBrowser is very easy to use. Once MarketBrowser is downloaded and installed, simply type the stock, fund or index tickers of your choice in the input box, (you can even just type the name of the company or fund,) and they will be charted in MarketBrowser instantaneously. For additional details, please refer to the MarketBrowser On-line HELP under the HELP menu.

Can I customize MarketBrowser?

Many features and settings in MarketBrowser are adjustable to suit your needs and tastes. To begin exploring the different options, go to the FILE menu and then go to PREFERENCES. You can visit our on-line help for more details on customizing MarketBrowser.

What do I do if MarketBrowser is having trouble connecting?

For most users, MarketBrowser will automatically detect an internet connection and connect to our data servers. In some rare instances, however, MarketBrowser will have trouble finding an internet connection. This is usually due to the presence of a firewall or proxy server. If you're having trouble connecting, you can email our technical support at MarketBrowser Feedback.

What kind of data does MarketBrowser offer?

MarketBrowser allows you to chart and monitor US equities, indices and mutual funds, along with international exchange rates and precious metals.

Can I save my work?

Of course! You can save any work you do in a "worksheet". Worksheet files are named with the extension ".mbw" (or ".xpw" in MarketBrowser AE). MarketBrowser allows you to create as many different worksheets as you want.

Can I use MarketBrowser on my PC? Can I use it on my Mac?

MarketBrowser runs on and is supported for Windows 10. Earlier Windows versions are often compatible, but are not officially supported. At this time, MarketBrowser does not support the Macintosh Operating System.

What are MarketBrowser plug-ins?

A plug-in enables MarketBrowser to access a specific web site in one click. For example, if you are looking at XYZ stock and want the latest News, a plug-in for mysite.com will allow you to access News on XYZ at mysite.com in just one-click. To see the list of plug-ins available in MarketBrowser go to the Favorites menu and choose SmartFavorites. From there, you can choose Preferred Portal. (In some MarketBrowser installations, you can choose Preferred Portal/Financial Institution directly from the Favorites pulldown menu.) On that menu, you will see a list of sites available to you. MarketBrowser has more than 50 plug-ins available as an upgrade. Click here for details.

What is a Preferred Portal?

Preferred Portal is a term used in MarketBrowser referring to a web site where you can go to get news and information on stocks, companies, mutual funds, and other financial topics. With MarketBrowser, you can choose which site you go to for this information. MarketBrowser will add a menu with the site's name across the top of the browser, as well as a toolbar with buttons pointing to various pages on your preferred portal site. To change your preferred portal menu or toolbar, simply go to the Favorites menu and choose SmartFavorites. There you will see the option for Preferred Portal. (In some MarketBrowser installations, you can choose Preferred Portal/Financial Institution directly from the Favorites pulldown menu.)
Please Note: In some editions of MarketBrowser, there is only one option for Preferred Portal.

What is Mix and Match?

Please read the section above this one entitled "What is a Preferred Portal?", then continue here. Mix and Match is a unique feature of MarketBrowser available only in MarketBrowser Pro (to find out more about MarketBrowser Pro, click here). Mix and Match allows you to choose which site to go to for information. For example, you may want to get quotes from WJS.com and news from cnet.com. Mix and Match allows you to pick and choose the content provider for each information button displayed on the button toolbar at the top of MarketBrowser. To modify Mix and Match, simply go to the Favorites menu, choose SmartFavorites, and then choose Mix and Match. (In some MarketBrowser installations, you can choose Mix and Match directly from the Favorites pulldown menu.)

How do I remove the MarketBar (MarketBrowser toolbar) from the bottom of my screen?

To shutdown MarketBrowser while it is in this view, right-click anywhere on MarketBrowser and then left-click on Quit from the menu that comes up. This will shut down MarketBrowser, but it will not stop it from being started when the computer starts up.

If you want to continue using MarketBrowser, but you don't want it to start automatically, you need to do the following:

1. Start MarketBrowser. You can do this by double-clicking the MarketBrowser icon on your desktop.

2. Click on the File pulldown menu in MarketBrowser, point to Preferences, and then left-click on Startup. Change the setting "Start MarketBar when Computer Starts" from Yes to No, and click OK.

Every time I enter a new symbol, it replaces my current chart. How do I enter a symbol in a new window?

To put symbols in other MarketBrowser chart windows, you need to either click on another window, or use the arrow keys to make another window the active window. The way you can tell which window is active is by looking for the highlighted area in the upper left corner of the chart window. For instance, if all of the symbols you are entering are going in the 2nd window, you should see that that window is highlighted, or in reverse color, such as blue text on a green or red background. If you click on a blank window, you should see a little white box in the upper left corner of that window.

Tip: If you are starting with a blank worksheet, you can quickly fill your MarketBrowser Monitors & Charts by typing a list of symbols separated by commas in the entry box next to "Enter Symbol or Name:". The data will be retrieved and placed in your MarketBrowser windows.

How do I enter a symbol into MarketBrowser?

To bring data into MarketBrowser, type the symbol and then press the Enter key on your keyboard. (Some MarketBrowser installations have a Go button, but in some MarketBrowser installations it is necessary to use the Enter key on the keyboard.)

Can I get market data on puts and calls? What about commodities and futures? What about foreign exchange rates?

No, not right now.
MarketBrowser currently provides data for US equities, mutual funds, and selected indices and American Depository Receipts (ADRs). For more detail on what data is currently offered in MarketBrowser, click here.

Can I display and track portfolios consisting of multiple symbols on the same page?

MarketBrowser typically shows your securities in chart windows. You can track portfolios by using window formulas. For example, if you have a portfolio of 100 shares of IBM and 200 shares of Microsoft, you can chart IBM in the first window (W1), and MSFT in the second window (W2), and then you can enter a formula in the third window to see the value of your portfolio as follows:

=100*w1 + 200*w2

How do I uninstall MarketBrowser?

To uninstall MarketBrowser from your computer, simply go to the Start menu and select Settings and then Control Panel. In Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs and scroll down the list to select MarketBrowser. Click the Add/Remove button and confirm that you wish to uninstall MarketBrowser. For more information on uninstalling MarketBrowser, please visit our on-line help.

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