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Getting Started with MarketBrowser

Getting Data into MarketBrowser & Accessing News and More
  • How to Get Currency, Stock, Fund & Index Data into MarketBrowser

  • How to Get Economic Data into MarketBrowser

  • How to Toggle between Charts, Monitors and MarketBar™ Views

  • How to Access News, Quotes and Other Key Financial Information on Each Stock with Only One Click of the Mouse

  • Customizing MarketBrowser
  • How to Change My SmartFavorites™

  • How to Easily Recall my Favorite Stocks, Funds, and Indices in MarketBrowser

  • How to Change the Frequency, Time Frame and Field of the Data in MarketBrowser

  • How to Use MarketBrowser Toolbars & Toolbar Buttons

  • How to Zoom MarketBrowser Windows and Change the Way My Charts Look

  • How to Add/Remove Trendlines and Text Annotations to/from MarketBrowser Charts   (MarketBrowser Plus and MarketBrowser Pro ONLY)

  • How to Add and Delete MarketBrowser Windows and Change Their Layout

  • How to Set Other Preferences in MarketBrowser

  • Studying and Comparing Stocks & Funds within MarketBrowser
  • How to Add and Delete Studies or Comparisons

  • Examples of Technical Studies in MarketBrowser

  • How to Use Formulas in MarketBrowser

  • Saving, Copying/Pasting and Printing MarketBrowser Charts and Worksheets
  • How to Save and Open MarketBrowser Worksheets

  • How to Copy & Paste MarketBrowser Charts & Data into Excel and Word

  • How to Print Charts and Worksheets in MarketBrowser

  • Miscellaneous
  • How to Uninstall MarketBrowser

  • Data Corrections in MarketBrowser

  • More Information for System Administrators

  • If you have additional questions or would like to offer comments on MarketBrowser, please fill out the form on our FEEDBACK page.

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