Dear ISP Executive:

How do you keep existing customers and gain new ones? In the ISP business, a large part of the answer is to bring people to your website.

Everything you need to get LMT's new, FREE Customer Loyalty tool, MarketBrowser -- already proven in partnership with major sites:

WSJ Online
JP Morgan Chase
The Motley Fool
Multex Investor
... and many more
  (preinstalled/bundled on HP Pavilions)

... is included on this page. And, it will take only a few minutes of your time.

As a result of seeing MarketBrowser on sites like the above, many ISPs like yourself have asked if MarketBrowser could be made available on their own site, with the ISP's branding. LMT is pleased to introduce a new program which we have designed to enable you, as an ISP, to offer MarketBrowser to your users and site visitors -- absolutely free.

To get started, I invite you to visit:

and download a free sample edition of MarketBrowser PE for ISPs. On the above page, where you see [], your firm's own branding bitmap would instead be inserted for the users and visitors of your website.

Upon approval of your MarketBrowser Application (see link below), we will create an edition of MarketBrowser PE with your firm's own branding -- which keeps your users 1-Click Close™ to your website. The documents available below outline this program in detail. Be sure to scan over the Key Benefits document, in particular.

MarketBrowser can be a great content item for your users. It will also complement your marketing and brand presence. Best of all, it's FREE!

The application process is very easy. Note that if you don't happen to have MS Word handy, there are links below to .PDF copies of the .DOC files. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me directly.

MarketBrowserKeyBenefitsforISPs.doc   (Word Document)
MarketBrowserKeyBenefitsforISPs.pdf   (Adobe Acrobat)

ISP_MarketBrowser_Application.doc   (Word Document)
ISP_MarketBrowser_Application.pdf   (Adobe Acrobat)


MarketBrowser Checklist:

[   ]  Install from Be sure to use your mouse to cursor-over the [] branding bitmap. Also, try clicking-thru on this button. Your Brand & Website are now moved to the user's Desktop! And, MarketBrowser users tend to use MarketBrowser almost every day.

[   ]  Review the attached Key Benefits document.

[   ]  Complete and return the ISP MarketBrowser Application, which can be found thru the link above. If you're using the Word document, please complete electronically and email as an attachment to: Or if you're using the .PDF file please print, complete and return via FAX (617.494.4788), to my attention.

That's all!


Vera Iordanova
Marketing Programs Manager
Leading Market Technologies Inc.
One Kendall Square, Bldg. 100
Cambridge, MA 02139

phone: +1.617.494.4747 x2259
fax : +1.617.494.4788