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How to Use MarketBrowser Toolbars & Toolbar Buttons

MarketBrowser has two toolbars:

Main MarketBrowser Toolbar

The Main MarketBrowser Toolbar is displayed in Charts and Monitors views, however notice that there are a few more buttons added to this toolbar when you are in Charts view. Also note that the SmartFavorites™ buttons (the text buttons on the right hand side of the Main MarketBrowser toolbar) will vary as you change your Preferred Portal or choose to Mix-and-Match.
  • Main MarketBrowser Toolbar in Monitors View:

    The buttons from left to right: New Worksheet, Open Worksheet, Save Worksheet, Zoom Window and Stop Worksheet Refresh.

    Please Note:The workspace where you have your monitors and charts in MarketBrowser is called a worksheet. To find out more about worksheets, see How to Save and Open MarketBrowser Worksheets.

    Please Also Note: The Stop Worksheet Refresh button on the MarketBrowser toolbar interrupts the process of refreshing all the data in the worksheet. This button does not stop MarketBrowser's automatic data updates. The data in MarketBrowser is always automatically updated every ten minutes.

  • Main MarketBrowser Toolbar in Charts View:

    Note the additional toolbar buttons: Print Window, Drawing Toolbar, Axes and Labels, Grids, Graph Style, Magnify Region, Expand Graph, Compress Graph, Autoscale Window and Data Cursor.

  • SmartFavorites™ Toolbar Buttons:

    These buttons will vary as you change your Preferred Portal or choose to Mix-and-Match. To find out more about SmartFavorites™, see How to Change My SmartFavorites™.

  • Drawing Toolbar

    Note: This feature is only available in MarketBrowser Plus and MarketBrowser Pro. For more information about MarketBrowser Pro, click here.

    The Drawing Toolbar can only be displayed in Charts view. This toolbar contains buttons for drawing trend lines and text annotations and is accessed by clicking on the button on the Main toolbar.

    In order to go back to the Main MarketBrowser toolbar, simply click the button.

    Tip: If you forget what a particular toolbar button does, place your mouse over the button, and a tool tip will appear describing its function.

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