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How to Save and Open MarketBrowser Worksheets

The workspace in MarketBrowser is called a worksheet. MarketBrowser worksheets can be saved and opened later so that you can review and edit your work without having to recreate the entire MarketBrowser worksheet again.

To Open, Close, Save, Save As... and create New MarketBrowser worksheets, either click on the appropriate toolbar button.

Or, make selections from under the File menu.

These worksheets will be saved as *.mbw files (e.g. My_Investments.mbw) in your My Documents directory unless you specify otherwise.

Please Note: Each time you open a worksheet, MarketBrowser will ask you if you want to refresh all the data in the worksheet. You can also refresh all the data in a worksheet by choosing Refresh Worksheet from the View menu. In addition, MarketBrowser will refresh all the data in the current worksheet if your computer becomes disconnected from the MarketBrowser data center and then becomes reconnected.

Please Also Note: when you shut down the computer while MB is running, it doesn't save the worksheet as you shut down, but rather it uses a copy of the worksheet that it periodically "auto-saves". It is possible to sometimes lose changes that you make close to when you shut down. To avoid this, shut down MB before you shut down the computer.

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