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How to Set Other Preferences in MarketBrowser

To set other types of preferences within MarketBrowser, go to the File menu and select Preferences. Under this menu, you can set the following MarketBrowser parameters:

  • Basic: Data refresh, default number of windows per worksheet, etc.

  • Monitors: Label style and color, etc.

  • Auto Legend: Legend displays in charts.

  • Printing: What is printed and how.

  • Data Retrieval Defaults: Data source, field and time frame.

  • Clickover: Open a new internet browser for each SmartFavorite™ request.

  • Shutdown: Choose whether or not to automatically save the worksheet when the computer shuts down.
Note: when you shut down the computer while MB is running, it doesn't save the worksheet as you shut down, but rather it uses a copy of the worksheet that it periodically "auto-saves". It is possible to sometimes lose changes that you make close to when you shut down. To avoid this, shut down MB before you shut down the computer.

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