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How to Add/Remove Trendlines and Text Annotations to/from MarketBrowser Charts

Note: This feature is only available in MarketBrowser Plus and MarketBrowser Pro. For more information about MarketBrowser Pro, click here.

First, click on the window in which you would like to draw the trend line or add text. (You may want to zoom the window in order to have a better view of the entire Chart. To find out more about zooming a window, see How to Zoom MarketBrowser Windows and Change the way they look.)

Then, in Charts View click on the button on the Main MarketBrowser Toolbar to display the Drawing Toolbar. To learn more about MarketBrowser's toolbars, see How to Use MarketBrowser Toolbars & Toolbar Buttons.

Simply click on the appropriate button to add, copy, move and delete lines and text.

In order to go back to the Main MarketBrowser toolbar, simply click the button.

Tip: When adding text, be sure to click the Add Text button and then click on the portion of the chart where you would like the text to appear. Type the annotation and hit ENTER when finished.

Tip: If you forget what a particular toolbar button does, place your mouse over the button, and a tool tip will appear describing its function.

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