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How to Change the Frequency, Time Frame and Field of the Data in MarketBrowser

MarketBrowser will, by default, give you one year of daily data for each security. If you care to change the periodicity of the data, you can do this by clicking on the window of interest and selecting the desired periodicity or data length from under the Time Frame pull-down menu.

Tip: When you select All Dates as the Time Frame of your Chart, you will retrieve all the data that is available to MarketBrowser for that symbol. The start date of the chart may be after the first trading day for the symbol you're charting, depending on when the symbol started trading.

Please Note: In order to change the chart's time frame you must either have MarketBrowser in "Charts View" or have a zoomed Chart. To zoom a chart, simply click on the button on the main toolbar.

If you would like to change other attributes of the data in your MarketBrowser windows, go to the Chart menu and select Data Settings....

In the Data Settings pop-up box you can change the data frequency, length of historical data or field for each chart or monitor.

To find out more about adding and deleting data in MarketBrowser, see How to Get Stock & Fund Data into MarketBrowser.

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