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How to Use Formulas in MarketBrowser

You can use simple formulas to calculate, monitor and chart proprietary functions or relationships between different securities. Follow these steps:
  1. Click on an empty window in MarketBrowser.

  2. Type "=" (the equals sign) to indicate that you will be entering a formula.

  3. Type a formula that uses window references (e.g. W1, W2, W3, etc.) and mathematical operators (+, -, *, /) and press ENTER to execute the formula.

    Please Note: You must refer to the window numbers (rather than ticker symbols) when creating formulas. If you cannot see window numbers, go to the View pull-down menu and select Charts View and then go back to the View menu and select Window Numbers.

  4. To use the data in other windows, refer to them by their window number (W1,W2,W3, etc.).

  5. After you have entered a formula, you can edit it by clicking on the window and typing over the text in the input box next to "Symbol or Name:".

Simple Examples:

= W1 * 10
= W2 / W1
= W5 - W11

More Complex Examples:

Please Note: When using two or more mathematical operators in custom window formulas, you must be sure to group expressions with parentheses so that MarketBrowser can execute the correct mathematical formula. Please note the difference between the following two examples:

= (W10 + W11) / 2
= W10 + (W11 / 2)
Spread with Multipliers:

= (W1 * 3) - (W2 * 2)

Your Own Portfolio:

= (50 * W6) + (100 * W7) + (200 * W8) + ...

Keep in mind that you can use the following mathematical operators in custom window formulas:

+ Addition
- Subtraction
* Multiplication
/ Division
When these operands link two series, they produce a new series by performing the operation on each pair of points that have matching dates and times. For instance, if W1 has a series of daily data that starts 1/1/99 and ends 12/29/00 and W2 has a series of daily data that starts 8/11/99 and ends 12/29/00,

= W1 - W2
will produce a series that starts 8/11/99 and ends 12/29/00.

Please Note: If you put a custom formula in a window and then you decide to put a symbol (or name) in the window, you have to clear the window first. You can do this by choosing Clear Window from the Windows menu.

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