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How to Copy & Paste MarketBrowser Charts & Data into Excel and Word

Copying Charts and Data from MarketBrowser into Excel

You can use the Copy/Data Only command on the Edit menu in MarketBrowser and then the Edit/Paste command in Excel to quickly share data between Excel and MarketBrowser. You can also copy images from MarketBrowser to Excel and Word by selecting Copy/Image and selecting to either copy the Window or the entire MarketBrowser Worksheet of windows.

Copying Data from Excel into MarketBrowser

You can also select a range of cells in Excel, copy it, and paste it into an MarketBrowser window using Edit/Paste/Data Only. Note that data should be formatted properly in columns in Excel. For example, if you would like to copy CHLO data from Excel into MarketBrowser, the close, high, low and open data should each be in separate, contiguous columns.

In addition, the data should be in ascending order. That is, the date column should have dates starting with the earliest date going to the latest date.

Tips on Using Excel Data in MarketBrowser

You must have at least five points in the series you're importing for MarketBrowser to read the data correctly. If you want dates to be imported with your data, you must have a column of dates directly to the left of the first column of data. Dates in Excel should be formatted in the mm/dd/yy (e.g. 12/04/00) format for them to import properly (not in a format that uses a longer form of the month, such as 4 Dec 00 or December 4, 2000).

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