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How to Get Currency, Stock, Fund, ETF, Index & Metals Data into MarketBrowser

Simply type the ticker symbol and hit ENTER.

You can also drag a ticker symbol (e.g. IBM, .EUR, .DJI) from your internet browser into a window in MarketBrowser.

If you do not know the ticker symbol for the security you would like to see, you may use MarketBrowser's lookup tool. Simply type the name of the company (e.g. Hewlett Packard). MarketBrowser will give you a list of possible tickers from which you can choose.

For Currencies: You can view a complete list of all the currency ticker symbols that MarketBrowser provides data for here.

For Mutual Funds: Mutual Funds, like securities, have their own ticker symbol. If you do not know the specific symbol for your fund, you may use MarketBrowser's lookup tool the same way you would for securities. Simply type in the name of the fund, or part of the name, press "Enter", and MarketBrowser will give you a list of possible tickers to choose from.

For Metals: MarketBrowser provides data on the following
  • .XAU -- Gold
  • .XAG -- Silver
  • .XPT -- Platinum
  • .XPD -- Palladium
For Indicies: MarketBrowser provides data on the following
  • .DJI   -- Dow Jones Industrials
  • .SPX   -- S&P 500 INDEX (New Standard & Poors)
  • .COMPX -- NASDAQ Composite
  • .DJU   -- Dow Jones Utilities
  • .DJC   -- Dow Jones 65 Stock Composite
  • .XAX   -- AMEX Composite
  • .XMI   -- AMEX 20 Stocks (AMEX Major Market)
  • .NYA   -- NYSE Composite
  • .DJT   -- Dow Jones 20 Transports
  • .OEX   -- S&P 100 INDEX (Standard & Poors)
MarketBrowser will, by default, give you one year of daily data for each security. If you care to change the periodicity of the data, you can do so by selecting the desired periodicity from under the Time Frame pull-down menu.

If you care to set-up the Chart Styles, Type, Time Frame and other properties at the same time you request the data into MarketBrowser, go to the Chart menu and select Price Chart. In the Price Chart pop-up box, you will be able to set certain data parameters. To see more about how to change the look and feel of your MarketBrowser charts, see other HELP topics under the section entitled "Customizing MarketBrowser".

If you would like to clear the data from your MarketBrowser windows, select Clear Window or Clear All from the Windows pull-down menu. Please Note: You do not have to clear the data in a MarketBrowser Window in order to change it -- you can simply type in a new ticker symbol in the Window of your choice, and the Window will automatically display the new data.

Please Note: Each time you open a worksheet, MarketBrowser will ask you if you want to refresh all the data in the worksheet. You can also Refresh all the data in a worksheet by choosing Refresh Worksheet from the View menu. In addition, MarketBrowser will refresh all the data in the current worksheet if your computer becomes disconnected from the MarketBrowser data center and then becomes reconnected.

Please Also Note: The Stop Worksheet Refresh button on the MarketBrowser toolbar interrupts the process of refreshing all the data in the worksheet. This button does not stop MarketBrowser's automatic data updates. The data in MarketBrowser is always automatically updated every ten minutes.

Tip: If you are starting with a blank worksheet, you can quickly fill your MarketBrowser Monitors & Charts by typing a list of symbols separated by commas in the entry box next to "Enter Symbol or Name:". The data will be retrieved and placed in your MarketBrowser windows.

Tip: In order to quickly copy the contents of one MarketBrowser Window to another (in Charts view only), simply click on the Window label (the blue area at the top of each Window) and drag-and-drop to another Window.

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