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US Markets and recession
Blog on US Markets and also News about economy and Recession. Educate investors and traders using campaigns. Also display Ads based on content and products for people.

Stock Markets Review
USA, UK, China, India, Russia and emerging stock markets news and recommendations. Discussion Forum. Daily stock market reports. Stocks price targets.

New$ To U(se) publishes consequential economic and financial news, info, research and ideas for investors. News & Views that really matter. Understand better, invest smarter!

Options Hawk
Options Analytics and Trading Strategies for Active Traders with Daily Live Market Coverage of the Options Market Action

Canadian Value Investing
Value investing ideas with a focus on opportunities that present "heads I win, tails I don't lose much" scenarios. Coverage of favorite hedge fund managers and value investing news. Current focus is on the energy sector in an effort to take advantage of what even the International Energy Agency now admits is the "end of the cheap oil era".

Tonys Market Analysis
Tony's Market Analysis examines the market using a mixture of different techniques. Some of those are Wave Counting, Cycle Analysis, Pi Cycle's, regular technical analysis, and others. We also are developers for automated stock and futures trading systems and feature those results from time to time.

Stock market forecasting, using Elliott Wave Patterns, Gann Timing and Dow Theory

Tyler's Trading
Check out our daily market musings and witty banter on option theory, volatility, charting, and much more

Econ Grapher
Econ Grapher is all about insightful and innovative analysis of global macro-economic and financial market data

Economic Forecasts & Opinions
Economist Forecasts & Opinions by Dian L. Chu is a syndicated financial blog dedicated to in-depth yet concise market analysis...

A financial market blog that uses technical and sentiment analysis, with a focus on precious metals, commodities, currencies and global markets.

Hedge is blog focuses primarily on market moving financial news as well as technical analysis of the S&P500 index and index option trading.

MTR Investors Group - Stock Market Timing & Covered Call/Naked Put Trading
MTR Investors Group primary focus is on Market Timing Research (MTR) with our Stock Market Timing Model (MTR-TM) and an Economic Timing Model (MTR-EM). MTR provides an Advanced Covered Call and Naked Put Search on a database of over 2,700 stocks and over 120,000 options. Option writers use the expert search to locate high income generating option trades.

Cumbuco Trader
A trading journal that focuses on the equity and forex markets. A combination of technical and fundamental analysis is used to formulate both short and long term trading strategies.

Haros Capital
Haros Capital is a blog to chronicle the performance of a systematic trading strategy as well as general thoughts about equity markets on a macro level

Engineering an Edge in the Stock Market
Try to find an edge in the stock market using engineering principles

Jaywiz Financial Services
My blog is a compilation of Scientific resources applied with cycles, waves, graphs & charts, plus internal technical data, all used in an attempt to stay ahead of the markets.

Black Swan Insights
Black Swan Insights provides daily reporting on often ignored investment and economic news. With indicators, charts, and original analysis, we explore the unexpected events that move markets.
Looking for stock tips? Check out StockRants. It’s a stock portal that makes it very easy to get instantly caught up on the markets and come across new trading ideas, including a chat room full of real day traders and real-time quotes. Also nothing to pay for here as everything at StockRants is free, and the community behind the project is always working hard on new features.

Penny Stock DD
Stock alerts and news based on extensive scans and research. 25 years of stock market experience brings you lower and higher priced stock picks.

Trade Radar
write the Trade Radar blog to help individual investors learn more about the following:
  • Issues affecting the high technology industry and the Internet
  • What's going on with selected tech stocks and Internet stocks
  • Characteristics of ProShares ETFs and insights into how they work
  • Technical analysis of indexes, tech stocks and ProShares ETFs
  • The impact of macro-economic developments on the technology industry

Eric De Groot's Insights
We are a forum that uses the markets as the ultimate teacher and provides unique perspective on capital market, economic, and geopolitical trends.

Welcome to Elliott Wave Trends and charts where we strive to bring the best of all forms of technical analysis out in an easy to read and understand format that can benefit all.

Trade to Learn
Welcome to my blog! This blog discusses my experiences with trading.

Gav's trading blog
I’m a full time trader living in Melbourne, Australia. Due to the difference of time zone, I am actively trading currency and futures markets. My trading approach is simple, trend following with patten recognition. I do not scalp.

Wall St. Nation is an independent financial newspaper that covers the events and emerging stories surrounding the U.S. Stock Market. We specialize on securities that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ), and America Stock Exchange (AMEX). Our contributors offer a unique perspective that helps investors stay informed on current market events and trends

The Smart Trader
Trade with Confidence not hurry.
View this Blog was founded on February 10, 2010 with the authors’ intention to share their trading experiences and views on the forex and equities markets to others at the same time to learn from the investment community. The site provides free daily fundamental and technical analysis and commentaries on both the forex and global equities markets. Soon, the site will be your one stop premiere online forex/equity analysis and forecast source.

Dividends Value is dedicated to the process of identifying superior dividend investments using a value-based approach. The site’s focus is on stock analysis, dividend & value education, retirement planning and developing a positive winning attitude in life. Dividends Value was officially launched on January 31, 2009 to transition my Blogger site Dividends4Life to WordPress. For a more detailed history of the Dividends4Life site, see the first anniversary post. I will continue to write under the name Dividends4Life.
My entire career has been spent in industry within the finance and accounting realm. My career started in 1985 and has included exposure to implementing SFASs; business and financial analysis; mergers and acquisitions; designing and implementing financial systems; and regulatory reporting. Currently, I am in charge of the corporate finance and statutory reporting function for a public U.S. corporation.

Hi, I am a 33 year old part-time trader that started this website as a way to improving my skills as a trader and also sharing my thoughts on the market. I am a follower of the CANSLIM method of investing developed by William O'Neil, founder of Investor's Business Daily. I have adapted this strategy to my...

Tyler's Trading
Reflections of an Options Trader

Gordon T. Long
Market Research & Analytics.

Daneric's Elliott Waves
Elliott Wave Theory, Technical Analysis, and Social Mood Commentary.
Greetings and welcome to zentrader. It is my hope to pass on some of the insights I’ve learned over the past 11 years trading so that you may avoid some of the pitfalls that the masses find themselves in. Every night I do research to prepare for the next day of trading, so I thought it would benefit others if I shared my thoughts and opinions as they typically conflict with what you’ll find on tv.

Options for Rookies
Options Education for Individual Investors. The primary function of this blog is to help YOU learn about options.