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Over 750 Studies & Functions and Much More

It's the most powerful stock analysis software available outside of a Wall Street firm! Easily apply off-the-shelf analysis to your charts; or get intense with Build-Your-Own Analytics. Either way you'll have tons of technical studies and hundreds of math & program functions at your fingertips PLUS easy access to trend-lines, back-testing tools, correlation matrices, and more!

Now you can use the same analytic tools as the pros...

MarketBrowser AE's advanced analytics are where the rubber really meets the road. We spent 20 years building custom software solutions for professional analysts at top Wall Street firms before putting together a software package that perfectly blends absolute analytic power with an easy-to-use interface for you. Advanced Analytics featured in MarketBrowser AE include: Over 700 Math & Programming Functions, "Build Your Own" custom analytics, tons of menu-driven technical studies, Conditional Analytics™ for easy back-testing of trade strategies, the Correlation Matrix for evaluating diversification, & the mSheet™ Investments Scorebox for creating live summaries of your key calculations.

Build your own analytics out of over 700 functions

MarketBrowser AE provides ultimate versatility for you. Build your own simple and complex analytics from over 700 math, analysis, & program functions including:

  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • Peak analytics
  • Digital filter
  • Data type conversion
  • Fourier transforms
  • Matrix math functions
  • Convolution
  • Series & scalar math functions
  • Statistics & calculus functions
  • Curve fitting & polynomial evaluation
  • Frequency domain operations
  • and many more! (see full list)
MarketBrowser AE
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Build-Your-Own Analytics

Technical analysis, studies, & indicators

MarketBrowser AE comes out of the box with tons of technical studies—all accessed via simple, point & click menus. Save time with the easy, unlimited application of pre-defined classic technical studies—either directly to your stocks or indices, or to your own custom computed indicators and charts. As your charts update with current quotes, your studies update automatically. AE studies include:

  • Andrews Pitchfork
  • Cycle Lines
  • Directional Movement Analysis
  • Elliot Wave
  • Fibonacci Lines, Arcs, Fans, & Time Zones
  • Gain/Loss Percent Comparison
  • Gann Fans & Grids
  • Oscillators
  • Pearson Correlation
  • Quadrant Lines
  • Regression Analysis
  • Retracement (Simple, Gann, & Fibonacci)
    • Speed Resistance Calculations
    • Spreads & Spread Comparisons
    • Support & Resistance Lines
    • Tirone Levels
    • Trading Bands
    • Volatility Studies
    • and much more! (see full list)
    MarketBrowser AE
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    AE Technical Studies

    Analysis, More Analysis, Even More Analysis!

    Be sure to read about more advanced analytical features included in MarketBrowser AE like:

    • Trend-Lines, Resistance Lines, Support Lines (Read More...)
    • Easy Back Testing Tools Featuring Conditional Analytics™ (Read More...)
    • Creating live dynamic scoreboxes as live summaries of your key numbers with mSheet™ (Read More...)

    Have you been overpaying for your essential tools?

    Many firms are spending up to $1500 per employee per MONTH on expensive institutional terminals for their employees. Maybe your organization should consider spending a fraction of that, while still filling your team's needs. For 20 years, Leading Market Technologies has worked with the world's top investment firms to create best-of-breed software for researching, analyzing, & monitoring securities. By 2001, our solutions were being used by over 80% of the world's large banks and investment banks. Now this expertise has been packed into new, easy to use, affordable MarketBrowser AE—making investment research & analysis easier than ever before. For years, you've felt like you needed to pay exorbitant fees to stay competitive. Now MarketBrowser AE puts the ball back in your court for only $50 per employee per month. Slash expenses without sacrificing quality today.

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