Watch Stocks, Funds, Metals, Currencies, Indices, ETFs, and Economic Data—All from your PC

Put major data on your desktop

It's not just for stocks! Monitor & analyze mutual funds, precious metals, currencies, ETFs, indices & more—all in a single display. Then add extensive stock data for the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ. You'll love MarketBrowser's 1 day dataplant for currencies and equities; plus its ability to mix in Federal Reserve economic data!

Have you been overpaying for your essential tools?

Many firms are spending up to $1500 per employee per MONTH on expensive institutional terminals for their employees. Maybe your organization should consider spending a fraction of that, while still filling your team's needs. For 20 years, Leading Market Technologies has worked with the world's top investment firms to create best-of-breed software for researching, analyzing, & monitoring securities. By 2001, our solutions were being used by over 80% of the world's large banks and investment banks. Now this expertise has been packed into new, easy to use, affordable MarketBrowser AE—making investment research & analysis easier than ever before. For years, you've felt like you needed to pay exorbitant fees to stay competitive. Now MarketBrowser AE puts the ball back in your court for only $50 per employee per month. Slash expenses without sacrificing quality today.

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