MarketBrowser Tutorial #7 -
Conditional Analytics™ & Back-Testing

This tutorial introduces you to MarketBrowser's Conditional Analytics. Conditional Analytics allow you to define thresholds or conditions and then allows you to use these conditions to build sophisticated analytics. A simple example: you can easily mark a chart with every area where its value exceeds a number you define. Or, alternatively, you can show each spot where that stock price crosses that threshold.

How do Conditional Analytics™ Make My Life Better?

You can get into much more sophisticated analysis by using Conditional Analytics to explore hypotheticals. Below is a relatively simple step-by-step example. We use Conditional Analytics™ to back-test a basic mean reversion strategy. We create buy/sell conditions based on a MarketBrowser AE technical study (the volatility index). Then we generate a series of extrapolations based on hypothetical buys & sells triggered when .GOOG crosses a condition. Watch how profits are instantly calculated as we apply the trade rule to Google's stock price.

Example: Back-Test a Strategy with Conditional Analytics™

Full Display - This is what your end result will look like

Full Display (above): Here, we have completed a back-test for a potential trade strategy. Below are window-by-window zoomed images with detailed explanations for building this analysis.

1st Window - (Zoomed - Upper Left Window)

W1 (above) - Google Volatility: Here we've charted Google's Stock Price in green and then over-layed its volatility index (with a boxcar of 6) as the cyan line below it.

2nd Window - (Zoomed - Upper Right Window)

W2 (above) - Selling Rule: In this example we sell on days when the current price is greater than yesterday's price plus half of the volatility index. In Window 2 we mark days that fulfill this condition.

*note: this formula can be found in our detailed instructions

3rd Window - (Zoomed - Middle Left Window)

W3 (above) - Buying Rule: Here we've charted our buy signals - in this case we buy on days when the current price is less than yesterday's price minus half of the volatility index.

*note: this formula can be found in our detailed instructions

4th Window - (Zoomed - Middle Right Window)

W4 (above) - Trade Profits: Now things are getting interesting! Window 4 pulls & charts the profits and losses for each individual trade conditionally triggered by signals in windows 2 & 3.

5th Window - (Zoomed - Lower Left Window)

W5 (above) - Cumulative Profits: Here's the payoff. In Window 5 we total the results calculated in window 4 to display the cumulative profit and losses resulting from our potential trade strategy.

6th Window - (Zoomed - Lower Right Window)

W6 (above) - mSheet™ Investment Scorebox: Here we're using MarketBrowser AE's mSheet™ to pull a live result number from Window 5 ($4747 cumulative profit!). This number will update as data changes. And although we're pulling only 1 number here, mSheet can hold hundreds of live stats at a time!

Final Result - After building the test, your display should look something like this

Final Result (above): Presto! It took a few minutes to build each of those windows, but now you've got a fully developed analysis above! Save it as a worksheet for future use, or change the stock in W1 to view the strategy applied to different stocks!

Taking Conditional Analytics to the Next Level

Conditional Analytics™ are fast, easy, and effective! The example above is actually a remarkably simple one. Take the work above, and with just a few clicks you can also:

  • Replace security with other tickers
  • Vary the time-period being tested
  • Alter Conditional Trade volumes triggered by the trade rules
  • Greatly increase the sophistication of your trade conditions

This was a brief overview of Conditional Analytics. For more information about taking your analysis to the next level, we suggest you check out:

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