Appendix B -
Copy & Paste Into and Out Of MarketBrowser AE

With MarketBrowser AE you can copy and paste chart images or the underlying price data out of MarketBrowser and into another application such as Excel, PowerPoint, or Word. You can also copy and paste data into MarketBrowser from an external source such as Excel.

Copying Images & Data FROM MarketBrowser AE

Copy chart images or the chart data out of MarketBrowser using the options listed under the menu: 'Edit' -> 'Copy' (shown here).

  • Image ~ Copy an image of either one chart or the entire worksheet (collection of charts).
  • Window ~ Used only for copying/pasting a chart within a MarketBrowser worksheet.
  • Data Only ~ Copies the underlying price data from a single chart.

Once you've copied either the desired image or the underlying data you can paste this into another application such as Excel or Word. Paste your data as usual in Excel and you will then see the columns populated with price data from MarketBrowser. If you've copied an image of your chart or worksheet, you can paste that image into email, Word, or PowerPoint for fast and effective presentations!


How do I copy data from Excel into MarketBrowser.

You can also copy existing data from Excel into MarketBrowser to view as a MarketBrowser chart. To do this start by selecting a range of cells containing one date column followed by one or more data columns as seen below. Your selection must contain at least 5 data points. Now copy this data using the standard menu option: 'Edit' -> 'Copy'. You can paste the data into MarketBrowser and work with it as a MarketBrowser chart using the MarketBrowser menu option: 'Edit' -> 'Paste' -> 'Data Only'.

Notes for pasting Excel data in MarketBrowser.

To paste specific dates correctly from Excel into MarketBrowser, you must organize Excel so that the first column copied is be a date column, sorted in ascending order, with dates in the 'mm/dd/yy' format. Formats using a longer form of the month, such as March 28 2005, will not import properly.

You can copy and paste multiple data columns into MarketBrowser simultaneously in order to create multiple charts with a single paste.

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