Back-Test Your Strategies Quickly & Easily With Conditional Analytics™

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Conditional Analytics™

Develop complex 'if-then' and 'what if' scenarios to develop, evaluate, & back-test your investment strategies with NEW MarketBrowser AE Conditional Analytics™—all for only $29.95 per month!

What are They & How Do They Help Me?

Conditional Analytics are a unique new way to quickly and easily:

  • Back-Test New & Existing Trade Strategies
  • Develop New Tactics
  • Evaluate & Optimize Trade Rules
  • Compare Alternative Trade Philosophies

Check out the example below to see how we back-test a potential trade strategy. This entire analysis takes only moments to build as MarketBrowser AE's unique, new, menu-driven conditional analytics™ make evaluating decisions quick & easy!

Example: Back-Testing With MarketBrowser AE

The Challenge:
Back-Test a mean reversion trade strategy with Google as a target stock and these trade rules:

    Days where Google's price is LESS than prior-day price MINUS 1/2 the volatility index
    Days where Google's price is GREATER than prior-day price PLUS 1/2 the volatility index

The Solution:
(Approx. 5 minutes to build this analysis)
Back-test this strategy in only 6 steps with MarketBrowser AE's simple menu-driven tools. See the Full Display followed by the step-by-step construction of the analysis below:

Full Display - This is what your full Back-Test will look like

Final Analysis (above): Here are the final results of back-testing a potential trade strategy targeting google. Below is a step-by-step breakdown which shows how we used simple MarketBrowser AE tools to create this analysis in 6 steps.

Step #1 - Google Price & Volatility (Upper Left Window)

W1 - Google Volatility: Here we've charted Google's Stock Price in green and then used the technical study menu to over-lay its volatility index (with a boxcar of 6) in the cyan line below it.

Step #2 - Triggered Sells(Upper Right Window)

W2 - Selling Rule: In Window 2 we chart our conditional sell signals. In this example we sell on days when the current price is greater than yesterday's price plus 1/2 the volatility index.

Step #3 - Triggered Buys (Middle Left Window)

W3 - Buying Rule: Here we've charted our conditional buy signals. Each bar marks a day when our buy rule is triggered (current price is less than yesterday's price minus 1/2 the volatility index).

Step #4 - Per Trade Profits & Losses (Middle Right Window)

W4 - Profits/Losses: Now things are getting interesting! Window 4 pulls & charts profits and losses for the Sells triggered by Window 2 and the Buys triggered by Window 3.

Step #5 - Cumulative Profit & Loss (Bottom Left Window)

W5 - Cumulative Profit: Here's the payoff. In Window 5 we total the individual trade results to generate a running total for the cumulative profit and losses over time that would have resulted from our potential trade strategy.

Step #6 - Your Current Profit or Loss

W6 - mSheet™ Investment Scorebox: Here we're using MarketBrowser AE's mSheet™ to pull a current (LIVE) result from Window 5 ($2059 cumulative profit!). This number will update as data changes. Note: although we're tracking only 1 number here, mSheet can hold hundreds of live stats at a time! Read more about mSheet here!

Final Display - Live Back-Test Analysis!

Final Display: Keep it all on a single display. Your complete back-test analysis—with automatically updating charts & analysis—all fits into a single desktop display!
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That's Just The Beginning

MarketBrowser AE is fast, easy, and effective! Now that you've made this easy back-testing analysis, with just a few clicks you can easily adjust it:

  • Replace the Google Stock with other tickers
  • Vary the time-period being tested
  • Alter conditional trade volumes triggered by the trade rules
  • Greatly increase the sophistication of your trade conditions
  • Read more about MarketBrowser AE's Advanced Conditional Analytics here!

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